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Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. From cooking meals and doing dishes to hosting family and lingering over snacks, the kitchen is a place that should be aesthetically pleasing, but also provide the function and organization needed. At Mulberry Millworks, we’re committed to helping our clients find the custom cabinets that will take their kitchen from just another room to everyone’s favorite place to be. With styles to match every design preference and budget, our team is pleased to offer the residents of Charleston and the surrounding areas with exceptional custom cabinets for their kitchens.

Offering a truly personalized approach to kitchen cabinets, we have an in-house designer who helps to ensure clients find custom cabinets they’ll love for years to come. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we understand how to couple quality products with expert design to give our clients a superior finished product.

We have cultivated relationships with top-of-the-line cabinetry brands to guarantee we only offer the highest quality cabinets, and we work with you from measurements to finishing details to ensure every aspect is perfect. Always striving to exceed the client’s expectations, we don’t call a job complete until you’re 100% satisfied.

Call or stop by our showroom today to inquire about custom kitchen cabinets for your home. We’re excited to explore the possibilities with you.

Design Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets With Mulberry Millworks

What Should You Include in Your Kitchen Cabinet Remodel?

Consider the Kitchen Triangle Theory

In kitchen design, the kitchen triangle theory is the idea that there are three main work areas in the kitchen, and in an ideal layout, they should create a triangle. These areas are the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. When these three work stations form a triangle, it maximizes efficiency and comfort as you’re cooking a meal or putting away dishes or groceries.

When it comes to designing custom kitchen cabinets, this theory is at the forefront of planning. Not only do these work stations need to work well together, but the layout of the cabinets also needs to be in line. Do you want a spice drawer next to the stove? A large, deep drawer for pots and pans? A classic shallow drawer for utensils next to the sink? Our design team can help you make decisions for your cabinets that fit your needs.

Must-Have Cabinet Features For Your Kitchen

The fun thing about designing kitchen cabinets is the realization that we don’t live in 50’s style homes anymore – there are endless possibilities! Here are some of the most popular features that are available and can make your kitchen even more functional and beautiful.

  • Appliance Stations: Keep small appliances hidden but still accessible when they’re placed behind sliding cabinet doors. Appliances like the KitchenAid, toaster, Keurig, or blender are at countertop height so you don’t need to lift them.

  • Roll-Out Pantry: While you still may have your full pantry in another space, a roll-out cabinet next to the stove is a great place to keep commonly used pantry items like baking supplies.

  • Corner Carousel: Even though it may not be the newest trend, it’s still incredibly useful. If you have a kitchen with a corner cabinet, maximize the space with a carousel.

  • Pull-Out Towel Storage: Rather than hanging towels from the oven door handle, keep them hidden away, but still accessible, with a pull-out towel cabinet.

  • Open Wine Storage: This creates an elegant look where you can showcase your favorite Pinot Noir or Cabernet.

  • Drawer Storage: Custom cabinets are also about what’s inside. Efficient kitchen cabinets include moveable drawer dividers, spice drawer inserts, and slide-out interior doors for cabinets.

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Planning a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming, but with the right design experts and high-end cabinet manufacturers, it can be a lot of fun too! If you’re upgrading your kitchen cabinets, the team at Mulberry Millworks can’t wait to help you get started. Contact our Charleston team today.

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